Project description

Home to those who are passionate about arts… a community that attracts the selected few, a compound with a sense of privacy and security.
Offering a multitude of services & facilities all artistically designed to offer a better life and way of living. Galleria has everything tailored for its owners.
The master plan high functional & convenient design is also reflected on the unit’s facade and architecture, where the designs take in consideration modernity and top of the line style, lines and materials. Giving the owners a sense of pride of ownership and an overall welcoming mood for the compound.


  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Cinemas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Parking
  • Art gallery
  • Children Music Academy
  • Spa Retreat
  • Security System
  • Landscape
  • Storage areas
  • Walking Trails
  • Luxury Shopping

Master Plan:

The master plan design is part of our unique project, where its designed to allow the units great view and easy flow all around the project. 1. Total area: 71 Feddans/ 300,000m2 – 2. Clusters: 6 main clusters surrounding the main central landscape area – 3. BUA: 18% of the total area – 4. Communal areas: 82% of the project including: swimming pools, water feature, landscape & hardscape, open green multi-functional areas, parking areas & storage areas.


Located in the 5th settlement most prominent location “The Golden Square”, the rising prime location with all top projects and commercial areas are all around. The area holds the best communities of a selected few of the new Cairo neighborhood. 1. Accessibility: • 90th road • 90th Northern road • Suez road and new Sokhna road 2. Proximity: Galleria compound is located in an area where all services and facilities are at reach, providing all needed day to day life’s needs.